Paragrene Land (“Paragrene”) is principally involved in the property development industry. We believe that the general public deserves more when it purchases properties from us. In the case of homes, these are the greatest expense for families and the available properties are usually similar in design, layout, etc. Focusing on this, Paragrene team strives to produce modern and innovative features when planning new products, while maintaining an eye on costs.

The Paragrene Strategy:

  • The pursuit of the latest contemporary designs
  • Continued innovations in architectural designs and solutions
  • Maximise the use of eco-friendly, environmentally responsible materials and accessories
  • Quality accessories in our developments
  • Achieve equilibrium in internal living space and outdoor areas
  • Emphasise the quality of finish in our products


We are in the business for the long run and giving value for money to all our homeowners is topmost priority in today’s market.

Our professional consultants from Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur comprises the architect, the interior designer, the contractor and the building management aim to curate newgen lifestyles by introducing the aesthetics of a naturally built environment.

In ensuring that our homeowners invest in the smartest investments with the greatest returns, it is our corporate commitment to deliver on our promise by bringing down margins to give more to our new communities. The ultimate aim is to deliver value for money properties to our homeowners.

With Paragrene Land, I am roped in specifically to steer the company to greater heights. With over two decades of experience in property development, consultancy and marketing, I bring with me a good track record of achievements and a vast understanding of the market in good and bad times, to successfully deliver the company’s property projects in various pieces of land banks that the company is currently developing.

Like many successful persons in their respective fields, I have my fair share of frustrations and disappointments. In 1997, I set up Knox (www.knox.com.my), a property management consultancy company with the aim to offer services in marketing and project management of commercial and residential properties. In the last 20 years, I had consulted on the development of innovative designs and concepts and they were all completely sold out. But some of developers failed in its delivery.

Due to these many setbacks, I resolved to, in fact, I was inspired to be get into the thick of action by way of hands-on involvement in the development of projects to ensure high quality delivery.

For the last 5 years, I have successfully developed projects such as Rimba Residence in Puchong, which was completed and handed over, and GEO in Bukit Rimau, which was successfully launched and fully sold out and the construction is currently ahead of schedule.

With 20 years of experience in the business, my reputation precedes me. Those in the industry, from potential investors to bankers to suppliers to prospective purchasers, will take note. And they can attest to the truth of the statement that I just made.

The challenge now is to build new communities. In doing so, everything that goes into realising people’s dreams is determined by every attention to detail that is involved in all aspects of the design, development and construction. We must ensure that we should at least deliver what we have promised so that the purchasers who make up our new communities see value for money in their investments.

Keeping promises is critical. A promise is a promise that has to be fulfilled. There is no short cuts. And there is no compromise on delivering quality products.

This is the brand positioning that we are creating and we believe that it will propel us to be one of the top players in the next five to ten years.

We shall continuously strive for innovation and enhanced efficiency in an era of advanced technologies and new techniques. We invest in market research with an eye towards new and innovative product offerings to stay ahead of the competition.

As we look to the years ahead we pledge to remain committed to excellence, keep abreast of changes and innovations, adopt better management, construction and development techniques and successfully overcome all challenges before us.

Our goal is to redefine the dynamics of property development and create enormous value for our homeowners, stakeholders, and the economy. Our driving force, undoubtedly, has been the trust that you have placed in us.

With core values comprising integrity, people, innovation and responsibility ingrained into our business philosophy, the future certainly looks exciting and promising.

M. Halim